Under the Red Umbrella

For visual reference only ©️ Copyright Ewa Czarniecka


Present day Toronto, Sarah, a successful Chinese Canadian doctor with a challenging life that’s full of lies and depression, is working late at the hospital. At the same time in another part of the hospital, Jade dies without her family by her side. A few nights later, Sarah arrives home after walking in the rain with a red umbrella taken from the hospital’s lost and found. An unexpected guest, a ghost, follows Sarah and begins to build a bond with her.

After suddenly learning that she is not the biological child of her parents, Sarah decides to undercover the well-guarded family secret. The ghost, seeming to simultaneously help and derail her, leads her to diaries which allows Sarah to get a glimpse into her mother’s past and trauma. After a suicide attempt and with the help from her aunt and sister, Sarah is saved, and her life perspective changes. Through this journey, Sarah and her ghost are able to let go of anger, resentment, and be free.

Written & Directed by ZhiMin Hu