Under the Red Umbrella

For visual reference only ©️ Copyright Ewa Czarniecka


Present day, Toronto, Jade, a Chinese woman in her 60’s dies with a grudge against her unthankful daughter who maliciously refused to visit her. Her spirit turns vengeful as she haunts her daughter, Sarah, who is a competent Chinese Canadian doctor with a challenging life that’s full of lies and depression. Things don’t go quite as planned. Disguising herself as an anonymous ghost, Jade learns about Sarah as she surprisingly builds a bond with her.

After unexpectedly learning that she is not the biological child of her deceased parents, Sarah decides to uncover the well-guarded family secret, which throws Jade into a panic. Jade’s clumsy efforts to derail Sarah’s investigation go south when she accidentally exposes her diaries. Sarah dives into Jade’s past and “witnesses” that she resulted from a rape by Jade’s art mentor. Later, after learning that Jade tried to murder her but ended up saving her from drowning, Sarah is incapable of handling her emotions and impulsively attempts suicide. The two spirits of mother and daughter finally meet and have a chance to confront one another. Jade finally realizes that she let her sense of shame turn into anger and outshine the relationship with her daughter. Sarah is saved and her life perspective changes. She lets go of her anger and starts to live her life.

Written & Directed by ZhiMin Hu