Therapy 4 Adults & Aunties


When her nine-year-old niece delivers game-changing advice, an ambitious career woman reinvents herself with her niece-as-therapist

Directed by Kirsten Carthew

Kirsten’s films have been theatrically released in Australia, Brazil, Canada and the USA, as well as broadcast globally on multiple networks including HBO, Crave, APTN and CBC. She is currently in post-production on her second feature, Polaris. Her debut feature The Sun At Midnight, garnered nine awards internationally and continues to have global sales. Kirsten is the recipient of the DGC Ontario Mentorship program and the Canadian Academy’s Apprenticeship for Women Directors sponsored by Netflix.  She is known for international collaborations, working with talent, crews, producers and financiers in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. 

Written by Kirsten Carthew, Micheala Rooney & Claire J. Harris

Claire J. Harris is an award-winning screenwriter, based in Melbourne Australia. She is a writer on the original Netflix series, Dive Club, aimed at the YA market. In 2017, Claire released Zelos, her debut independent feature film as writer and producer. The film enjoyed a well-received run on the international festival circuit, before its theatrical release across Australia. Claire currently has two feature screenplays in development with Brisbane’s The Steve Jaggi Company (Rip Tide, Back of the Net) scheduled for production in 2021 and 2022. She has also participated in writers’ rooms for two TV series in development with HBO.

Produced by Jane Loughman, Kirsten Carthew & Georgina Conder

Georgina is a New Zealand based Producer who has produced 8 feature films and currently producing a TV Series for Sky / Neon called Not Even.

One of the company directors of Miss Conception Films (MCF) was established in 2015 to bring a constant female voice into New Zealand filmmaking. Company Directors Georgina Conder and Ainsley Gardiner have worked together since the early 2000’s and were increasingly drawn towards working with other female filmmakers on projects with strong female protagonists.

Georgina has had a busy few years having produced The Breaker Upperers (premiered at SXSW in 2017 and sold to Netflix), Cousins, based on the Patricia Grace book of the same name, had a successful cinematic release in NZ and Australia in 2020 before releasing internationally in US, Canada and UK. More recently the Canadian/In Co-Production Night Raiders premiered in Berlin in 2021 before starting its successful Indie comedy/drama The Moon is Upside Down and family comedy Red White and Brasare set for theatrical release in 2023. The TV Series Not Even will screen in New Zealand in February 2023.