Here at Monkeys & Parrots we are thrilled to be playing an active, enthusiastic and inventive role in the YouTube community…in fact we’ve been experimenting with the platform since the beginning.  The real turning point for us was our 9 year old son.  His viewing choices quickly made us realize that the entertainment industry, as we knew it, had already been usurped.  The online video and in particular, YouTube revolution, is underway. 

A recent Digital Trends study really made this hit home for us:

Audiences between the ages of 13 and 24 watch an average of 11.3 hours of online video per week as opposed to just 8.3 hours of broadcast TV

Google is considered more trustworthy than traditional media for news

What really sells us on YouTube is that these same audiences aren’t just consuming online video because it is easily availability — it’s how it makes them feel.  62 percent of respondents said digital content makes them “feel good” about themselves, as opposed to just 40 percent for TV. They also felt that digital content is more relatable than TV (67 percent for digital content versus 41 percent for TV).

If you want some more gory details check out this article from Business Insider’s Tech Edition way back in 2013.

Audiences all over this highly interconnected planet are forgoing film and television in favour of online video, especially YouTube. They seem to be uninspired by 200 million dollar Hollywood Blockbusters and network television. They are better connecting with micro-budget, personal and community driven content and creators on YouTube.  These exciting new channels can be a great source of entertainment and engagement.  In our household it’s “Let’s Play” gaming videos based around Minecraft, Pokemon, Clash of Clans and the like.

 Monkeys and Parrots is striving to be a key player in this amazing new direction for entertainment and education alike.  We’re excited to be creating and producing channels and training new creators in the art of vibrant, engaging and fan-centric content for global audiences of all ages



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