Our Work

Chart topping Science Fiction

  • Debug

    Six young computer hackers sent to work on a derelict spaceship, are forced to match wits with a vengeful artificial intelligence that would kill to be human.

Internationally successful Comedy

  • A Dog’s Breakfast


Award Winning Shorts

  • The Trial Of Ben Barry


    When writer/director Shea E. Butler was looking to get this award winning short film off the ground she turned to Monkeys & Parrots producer Jane Loughman.  Together they recruited talented performers Richard Roundtree (Se7en,Shaft,Brick), and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (The Wire, Walking Dead), shooting the film on a tight schedule and minuscule budget.  The Trial of Ben Barry film has gone on to win multiple awards and nominations at many prestigious film festivals around the world.

Engaging Internet

  • Internet Sensations

    Monkeys & Parrots has a unique fan-centric approach to the creation of engaging, informative and entertaining online content. We’re fans, connecting, collaborating and creating with like-minded influencers to come up with playful, innovative, targeted and branded shows that appeal to the fan in everyone.


Ground-breaking VR Gaming

  • Xiotex Studios Caretaker

    Monkeys & Parrots understands that gaming is an essential to the future of education and entertainment.   We have partnered with highly talented programmers, game studios and development teams to help create the next generation of console, desktop and mobile apps.  We are thrilled to be exploring the development of tools and storytelling techniques necessary to bring film and television quality content to a host of VR platforms and devices.

    We are currently working with Xiotex Studios on Byron Atkinson-Jones’ revolutionary Oculus Rift compatible VR game, Caretaker.  The game has recently been selected  for distribution by the Valve’s prestigious, online gaming, distribution platform, Steam