Little By Little


Olivia lives with her roommate, a transgender woman, River. As her trusted confidante, River encourages Olivia to explore and find sexual liberation. Olivia learns of the notion of “sugar babying,” a concept River further elucidates. Running from loans and grief, Olivia decides to take the drama out of books and put some drama into her life. She signs up for an online profile, and eventually meets a handsome and charismatic older man named Jamie. Olivia finds herself using him to fill a paternal void. As Tracy plans a fundraiser to commemorate the unveiling of Teddy’s tombstone, Olivia plunges into an arrangement with Jamie, loses her virginity and tries to find comfort in new associations. A chance encounter with Jamie leaves Olivia with no choice but to reflect, and explore alternative ways of self-reliance and self-care. By processing her grief and sexuality in her own way, with men and women, Olivia loses both her virginity – and her virginal definition of womanhood. We see Olivia attempt to quell financial anxieties and find ways to navigate through life as a feminist sans father.

Director: Marta Borowski

Marta Borowski is an emerging writer and director with over 14 years of script supervising experience on shows such as Hannibal (NBC), Alphas (Syfy), Special Correspondents with Ricky Gervais & Eric Bana (Netflix), and Star Trek: Discovery (CBS). As a director, Marta has worked on Family Channel’s Really Me, and a handful of independent projects, including her short film Jacob’s Arrow which premiered at the Phoenix Film Festival. Marta’s most recent short film, Resolve, premiered in Toronto at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival and has since been accepted to festivals in Canada, the US and the UK. It was nominated for two Golden Sheaf Awards: Short Film (Fiction) and Director (Fiction), and was a Semi-Finalist at Flickers’ Rhode Island and Dumbo Film Festival in New York. Marta is currently is co-writing her first feature, Sullivan Street, with the support of Telefilm Canada.

Writer: Becca Willow Moss

Becca Willow Moss is an advocate for using artistic outlets to express the emotional landscape contained within the body. As a singer, actor, writer, director and photographer, she employs all art forms to communicate with others. Becca Willow is a classically trained soprano, having performed in North America, Europe and Israel. After being nominated as an upcoming actor and writer on Canadian screens, she has produced original works in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. Her recent short films have brought her to festivals in New York and LA. Maintaining her mandate to tell honest stories, Becca Willow hopes her personal experiences will resonate with others.