Festo's Bionic Learning Network is a cooperation between Festo and a number of renowned universities, institutes and development companies.  They have been doing extraordinary work in bionics, learning from nature and adopting many unique and complex abilities honed by millions of years of biological evolution.  Festo's robotic arms and flexigrip manipulators are exactly the kind of technologies we'd like to put to work for Q with Upgrade Required.  We have been in contact with Festo AG and are hoping to consult with them and showcase some of their beautiful and visionary research in our film.
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David Eagleman

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"Our experience of reality is constrained by our biology" says neuroscientist David Eagleman.  And he wants to change that.  This TED Talk is a fascinating look at how experiments with non-invasive technologies have returned lost senses, like hearing or sight, and opened the door (thanks to the flexible processing power by our amazing brains) to potentially adding a myriad of new, technologically enhanced, senses as well.

For more on on David Eagleman and his work check out www.Eagleman.com]]>