The Open Voice Factory


The wonderful Fred from recommended looking into The Open Voice Factory while we were working with Andrea in Italy last year.  The Open Voice Factory provides free, open source, fully customizable speech aid software, thus solving the issue I have with expensive, unimpressive for-fee versions with similar functionality.  The system looks perfect for replacing trial software being used at a local (to me) school that teaches kids with developmental and physical disabilities.  They’ve been unable to afford the full version of their existing software and thus the kids have been limited, not by their abilities, but by the constant nagware that limits its usage to just a few working cards?!  Drives me crazy!  I’m hoping to get some time to familiarize myself with The Open Voice Factory and their community in the coming weeks…there’s certainly some excitingly thorough-looking video guides on their website!:

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Festo's Bionic Learning Network is a cooperation between Festo and a number of renowned universities, institutes and development companies.  They have been doing extraordinary work in bionics, learning from nature and adopting many unique and complex abilities honed by millions of years of biological evolution.  Festo's robotic arms and flexigrip manipulators are exactly the kind of technologies we'd like to put to work for Q with Upgrade Required.  We have been in contact with Festo AG and are hoping to consult with them and showcase some of their beautiful and visionary research in our film.

REX Bionics

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RexBionics were one of the first companies that we approached about talking to us for Upgrade Required and we are so appreciative of how welcoming, kind and open they have been with us.  We visited their impressive new factory in New Zealand and were completely awestruck by the incredible exo-skeleton system they've created — The world’s first hands-free, self-supporting, independently controlled robotic walking device.

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2014 World Cup Walk Again Project

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The First kick at the 2014 World Cup was performed by Juliano Pinto, a paraplegic man in a mind controlled exoskeleton.  The suit was created by a collaboration between various universities including Duke University in the U.S., the Technical University of Munich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne among others.]]>