I can’t wait to film something with @Toymaker2 about all his amazing new inventions...and maybe convince him that this chap should have Mckay’s voice? 😉 ALTAIR Sensor tour youtu.be/bytiu1QCK6s via @YouTube 12 hours ago

A Dog’s Breakfast a British term for making a mess of something...it’s also the title of a little movie I made with my friends & my dog...oh, and @katehewlett! twitter.com/punk_rawk_doc/… 13 hours ago

I have erased it from mine! 😉 💋 twitter.com/paulymcgillion… 2 days ago

Welcome home, new Canadian...Oh, Canada! 🇨🇦 instagram.com/p/Bt6Rg6vDHAY/… 2 days ago

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Welcome home, new Canadian...Oh, Canada! 🇨🇦

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I fell yesterday...in the snow...I stood up today...painfully...but, for the sake of humanity, I’ll keep my clothes on! 😉 twitter.com/ryanhintze/sta… 4 days ago

Isn’t that my job!? twitter.com/BadAstronomer/… 4 days ago

When and where is this thing...you know, so I can avoid running into you. 😉 twitter.com/katehewlett/st… 5 days ago

Hey @LOREXTECHNOLOGY or @Synology or anyone else? Got any 4K systems that we could kludge & use as assistive tech to film and switch camera angles for @BrainstormSci’s Youtube channel? twitter.com/brainstormsci/… 5 days ago

They’ve met! So @BrainstormSci you going to get @altonbrown an early edition of your cookbook when it’s done?...pressure is on, buddy! 😉 twitter.com/frankfucile/st… 6 days ago

You’re asking McKay about Women in Science!? 😉 twitter.com/mtbbm_new/stat… 6 days ago

Will have a look...cheers! twitter.com/black1stallion… 6 days ago

What a wonderful but sad parenting story...video games are an amazing opportunity to bond and share with your kid...they are only “games” to us parents! bbc.com/news/disabilit… 6 days ago

Only if I look amazing! twitter.com/anemonekunoich… 6 days ago

Hey @GoPro, my friend @BrainstormSci & I need to set up remotely operated cameras to film his culinary adventures. Must be controlled & monitored/captured from his computer in bed...apps no good as his movement severely limited. Help! Suggestions? Tech Sponsor? #upgradeRequired 6 days ago

0h, look! Bratlett just happened to need to rest here in the @dxracer gaming chair!? Not sure he’s such a fan of my yoga ball seating in the Fancave!? instagram.com/p/BtwE8cXD1Me/… 6 days ago

You want cute...get a kitten! twitter.com/arcticgoddess1… 1 week ago