Bratlett & I picking up some good tips... Could help me out with future detective or victim roles too! 😉… 8 hours ago

Well, yes, @Janeloughman, I can see how this could look like I'm playing, but really I'm umm... Squirrel! #UpgradeRequired 16 hours ago

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Right now, Bratlett & I get our @pokemon any way we can, @JimFogz! 21 hours ago

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Oops... Hot dog @yosox that is!… 1 day ago

It's a Hot dog @yosocks, @Pokemon cards Doctor Strange end to the long weekend! 1 day ago

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A wonderful afternoon of chatting film & tv with @SarahNoiseux & her talented @Niagara_College back to crimefighting! 2 days ago

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Happy Birthday old man!… 4 days ago

Just having a blast celebrating @stewartgilray's birthday with @xiotex...we totally should have invited him!? 😉 4 days ago

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Don’t tell me…I know this! 😉 @MST3K… 5 days ago

Thanks @MST3K! Got your @kickstarter tshirt today... And damn I look good in it! 😉 5 days ago

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Would love to get into some robotics with Bratlett & his PC Club friends... For now we learn by destroying! 😉… 6 days ago

The first rule of school PC Club... save the X-large @TimHortons coffee until after PC Autopsy...that sucker spilled like a busted damn!? 6 days ago

Hey @CheeseGamesLive are you responsible for creating @survivetheark #ARKMon? ... If so, you are currently Bratlett & my favourite human! 6 days ago

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From a nerd who hates colorized movies... I have to say... I LOVE what you're doing!… 6 days ago

Yep, so if anyone has @Pokemon or @wizards_magic cards lying idle.. you know who to send them to! 😉… 7 days ago

It's true, he is! 😉… 7 days ago

No pressure... Just dying to see Bratlett's face when he sees these things... Thanks!… 7 days ago

So I'm blocked... Is that what you're getting at? 😉… 7 days ago

Wow...falling up the stairs hurts too?! 😉 7 days ago