David Hewlett

  • Modbot – Modular Robotics

    I am a huge fan of these Modbot guys.  My chats with Daniel Pizzata are always a pleasure and a treasure trove of innovative thinking.  I leave inspired into action every time!  Modbot’s technology is sure to have a huge impact on manufacturing, education, engineering, and consumer industries…and robot geeks like us…but their ulitimate goal is not to replace us it is to “Leave human beings to be more human”.  Our sentiments exactly! The technology and develpment platform we’ve been shown is incredibly exciting and we’re looking forward to working with them further on prototyping with their Modbots in the near future.The fine folks at Modbot are striving to create “a complete robot development platform to empower all creators from large manufacturers to individual makers and hobbyists”. These two friends saw how difficult was to prototype today’s robotics.  We’ve come up against the same thing here at Upgrade Required…having to reinvent the proverbial robotic wheel every time you want to get something up and running.  ModBot’s solution is to create “a modular robotics system that would be simple, affordable and agile”.