Another lively and rewarding Monkeys and Parrots meeting!

Monkeys VS. Parrots

Another lively and rewarding Monkeys and Parrots meeting!


Producer : Writer

I was raised in central London, living above the Westminster Theatre in the West End. My father was theatre manager, and from age 11, I worked in every department — Front of House, backstage, Box Office etc. I was Stage Manager for two summer seasons at a conference centre theatre in Switzerland; and assistant Box Office Manager of the Arts/Unicorn Theatre in Soho for a year; before heading to Aberdeen University, where I produced and Stage Managed the annual Student Charities Show.

I have 20+ years of experience in Film and Television production, in both scripted and documentary formats, with a focus on the entertainment industry, popular culture and independent film. I am excited
by all aspects of audio/visual production: from concept and pitch, to script, shoot, edit and delivery. I am fascinated by all forms of filmed entertainment — and I consider myself to be tremendously lucky to be an active part of this fascinating, and ever-changing, industry.

Film PRODUCER, MONKEYS & PARROTS; Toronto ON current
I am currently developing a varied slate of both film and television projects, including: The Swearing Jar
— a feature musical love story about love lost, love found, and love remembered; Upgrade Required — a documentary series about rendering the concept of disabilities obsolete through technology; and a dramatic series about a young woman who becomes embroiled in an epic battle in the Arctic Circle, between man and the supernatural forces who rule the Empire of Ice.

I have also participated in a number of high-profile industry business development programs including Trans Atlantic Partners and Strategic Partners (Munich & Halifax 2016); Producer’s Lab Toronto and International Finance Forum (TIFF 2015), Producers Without Borders (EFM, Berlin 2015) and Producer’s Workshop (Marché du Film, Cannes 2016).

I established the production company Monkeys & Parrots with writer/director David Hewlett, to co- produce the $3.5M SciFi/Horror Debug alongside Copperheart Entertainment. We accessed Telefilm & OMDC funding and a private equity resource to produce this high-concept thrill-ride starring Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa. I co-developed the concept and script; worked with the local creative team to bring this complex production to fruition; oversaw the budget and scheduling, collaborating with designers and craftsmen during prep, handling on-set issues as they arose, directing Second Unit, coordinating with the editorial team and VFX producers to deliver 900+ Visual Effects, and facilitating the delivery of the finished film to our international sales team in time for Cannes 2014. Debug was released theatrically in Canada in May 2015 by eOne, at which time I also conceived and executed a social media campaign for the film, via YouTube, MailChimp, Twitter and Facebook.

I produced the acclaimed short film The Trial of Ben Barry for first-time director Shea Butler, starring Richard Roundtree (Shaft) and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (The Wire). Despite a challenging 3-day shoot and tight post-production schedule, Ben Barry has participated as an official selection at over 20 International film festivals, where it has garnered many awards.

My first feature was the quirky family comedy A Dog’s Breakfast, which was shot and delivered for $125K, and distributed worldwide by MGM/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, it has since grossed over $1.9M. Working with such limited resources forced us to be creative, flexible and highly efficient, and encouraged a dynamic and collaborative spirit on set. I controlled every aspect of the production from script concept through to distribution of revenue, including payment of all deferred crew fees; even acting as the director’s eyes and ears on set (while he was also on camera in the lead role)! I also wrote, directed and edited the Behind the Scenes featurettes which accompanied the DVD release.

Various entertainment television production roles including:
PRODUCER (freelance), ET CANADA, IFC CANADA Integration Producer, Holiday Specials, branded content; Producer/Reporter, Interviewing actors and filmmakers presenting their films at the Toronto International Film Festival; coordinating with publicists and PR execs, crews and talent.

SERIES PRODUCER of Entertainment Tonight UK: navigating a complex collaboration with the original team of ET, while producing specifically tailored content for British audiences.

SUPERVISING PRODUCER of Hollywood Boulevard, an international weekly series which I co-created, wrote, directed and reported.

LINE PRODUCER at E! News for their hour-long Special Editions, scheduling the episodes, assigning stories, editing copy, supervising edits, directing the hosts in studio.

PRODUCER, LIVE REMOTE PRODUCER at E! News Live overseeing the transition of the daily news magazine from a taped format to a fully live show. I established the system for live reporting from locations ranging from courthouses to red carpet premieres, studio sets to unscripted series’ finales. Coordinating everything from crew to talent, satellite trucks to craft service, and responding effectively to the unpredictable nature of “live” television!

Also in-house Producer for E! News Daily/E! News Live generating, researching, shooting, scripting, directing and editing feature packages for daily live news.

Runner/Researcher/Associate Producer/Production Manager and Producer for Capricorn Programmes’ international slate including Movies, Games & Videos, Gameswatch; Cybernet; Not Fade Away; Blast; Inside Hollywood; facilitating the transfer of production from London to LA.

PRODUCER, MONKEYS & PARROTS; Los Angeles & Toronto 2007-2014
I co-created the web series Starshippers for Shaftesbury Films, and in partnership with Shaftesbury’s digital arms, Smokebomb and Shift2, we also conceived a strategy for production of a stream of branded digital entertainment for a proposed YouTube MCN. I also co-created and developed the half- hour TV comedy pilot, Starcrossed, for SyFy/NBC Universal, which ultimately evolved into a web series.

YORK UNIVERSITY, TORONTO — Osgoode Certificate in Entertainment Law CITY UNIVERSITY, LONDON — MA, Arts Criticism
UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND — MA (Hons), English/Film WIMBLEDON SCHOOL OF ART, LONDON — Foundation Course in Art & Design

I am confident leading and nurturing a large creative team on a feature film crew or daily news show; I am equally at ease managing an independent production company, developing feature and TV projects for audiences across multiple platforms. I am detail oriented and focussed and expect the best of myself and my team. I have a working knowledge of most current technologies for assisting workflow, content creation, editing and social media, and I am a quick, self-driven, learner.


Writer : Director : Actor

Hewlett, is a self-professed nerd who has always loved taking things apart to see how they work… sometimes he puts them together again… though rarely in the same configuration. 

His film and television career began at age 13, when he took a break from his tech autopsies and programming his beloved Commodore 64 computer to play Dungeons & Dragons with him, to collaborate with a few schoolmates on their early film endeavors.

He continues to work with these same film geeks on features like Cube, Treed Murray, Cypher, Foolproof, Nothing and Warner Brothers’ Splice – produced by Guillermo Del Toro.


But Hewlett has never strayed far from his geek roots.  He was one of the first people with dedicated Internet access in Toronto. He spent years as a programmer and network specialist for a large multi-level marketing company.  Seeing the promise of the early Web, Hewlett launched an award winning Internet for film and television company called Darkyl New Media.  Hewlett currently teaches a “Tech Terrors” lunch program and a raucous class that mixes technology education with Youtube production and online safety for an inspired group kids.

 David has guest-starred on countless television series and feature films over the years.  He’s best known for his work as Dr. Rodney McKay, the brilliant, sarcastic, nerd astrophysicist on the international hit television series Stargate Atlantis.  He recently played a recurring role in Incorporated for Matt Damon & Ben Affleck’s Pearl Street Films & CBS, and stars in Guillermo Del Toro’s Academy award winning The Shape Of Water and Roger Avary’s (Pulp Fiction) Lucky Day.


Splice at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Joel Silver,Adrian Brody,Delphine Chaneac, Guillermo Del Toro & David Hewlett at the Hollywood Splice Opening

David’s writing and directing debut, A Dog’s Breakfast, was a bone-jarring, head-smacking, fiancé-bashing comedy about family, marriage, madness and murder.  The film, made for a mere $125,000, was picked up for worldwide distribution by MGM and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.  


David’s script, Inheritance was a finalist in FOX’s NYTV Festival comedy pilot competition and he wrote and directed the science fiction horror, Debug. 

David is a YouTube Certified content creator, with a wide and varied international following of like-minded geeks, gamers and sci fi fans:

He can be found, followed and occasionally interrogated at: